Andrews Foundation

Applying for the Andrews Foundation Grant

     The first step in applying to the Andrews Foundation is to fill out our grant application. Grant applications are reviewed on a continuous basis through out the year. The grant application submitted from October 1st thru December 31st, will be reviewed by trustees of the Andrews Foundation in the next fiscal year, Beginning January 1st.


     All grant applications are reviewed to determine if they fall within the Andrews Foundation mission. Grant applications that are within the guidelines and mission are then reviewed to determine the following:


 -the impact on the community resulting from this funding.


 -the availability of the foundation's funds for this portion of our mission.


     Even though a project meets established criteria, it may not be funded because of limited funds or other priorities.


     In addition to our application form, grantees may submit the following:

(Please limit this information to three (3) pages. )


-A statement of the needs you are attempting to address, the mission, the history, and goals of your organization.


 -A summary of the specific activity for which you are requesting support and what you anticipate as outcomes.


-The total amount of funding needed for your project and the amount requested from the Andrews Foundation



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